I joined newly in April.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It opens newly in Akagishitamachi!

Rape in season is domestic, entertain.



I joined newly in April.

It's small in front of Kagurazaka station and open on March 1, 2016!

Designer furniture, brand furniture and home electronics [are also bought expensively]!

Please call any time.

I joined newly in April.

I contribute locally using foundation support, inbound support from foreign countries, a succession measure and these 3 as a mainstay.


I joined newly in April.

Prevention of trouble and trouble are settled with a customer early variously.

I think when it can be useful for the wide field as everybody's close existence.

I joined newly in April.


I joined newly in February.

The rice to which we're important for Japanese. The speciality store of [chopsticks] which should be in the dining table. Nice [chopsticks] were collected from a producing center in the whole country. One "table" you like surely is found.

I joined newly in November.

I'm always waiting with the motto of real technology and the service which feels good.


I joined newly in September.

The number of the manned island in the whole country is 418 island.

I'll focus on an island different every month and deliver charm of a food in an island.

I joined newly in August.

Feel easy and have come so that I may return to my home, and receive disentangling at my home, you relax, and could you be vigorously, that's our "it's disentangled, HOUSE" wish.

A staff, I'm waiting for everybody by all and a smiling face.


I joined newly in July.


Please enjoy a seasonal dish.

I joined newly in June.

A thing connects with a thing, a town, a person and a town with a person, a person and a person. It was born as the space where " people gather".

Please come to enjoy the compound space where galleries and mini caves are miscellaneous goods and a workshop, etc. by all means.


I joined newly in May.


10 seats of 1F counter and 24 seats of 2F table.

Even 1 person come any time, please.

I joined newly in April.


I offer medical treatment of the higher standard to a person in an area to maintain everybody's ocular health while cooperating with a university hospital densely.


I joined newly in April.


He's also interested in tax avoidance, but a person more interested in expansion of net sales, a wasteful expenditure reduction, profit expansion and expansion of the business scale than that is waiting.

I joined newly in April.


I meet each season and vegetables in season.

I'm relieved at safety by good vegetables, a fruit and agricultural products processing items as which a face is seen.

Radioactivity is being checked.


I joined newly in April.


New food culture is always sent through fusion of Japanese food and wine and a smiling face and an impression for prosperity of a customer and a staff, are reported to society widely.

I joined newly in April.


Everything is the thing by which " tastes good". The maker's affection made politely as well as relief and safety are shutting themselves up in a background of gusto.


I joined newly in April.


"Please consult about some people who suffer from mind any time."

I joined newly in April.


Attentive service and usual smiling face, that " would like to hand the delight put on" down to everybody importantly, I think, and, RIMASU.


"The fresh flower is proper.". An unusual flower and an unusual plant are being often treated. 

I joined newly in February.

I support the life when you're obedient as the space where it'll be done to get an encounter and the regaining consciousness with the person and the person who want to expand an infinite possibility at space of the cure which calmed down.


I joined newly in February.

In the store settled at space like an art museum. Time best by full-flat shampoo, the dandy which played an active part in Europe France proposes an individual "the beauty which is haute couture" and recommends aging knowledge, the menu and hair care Meister and enrollment and make-up. The authentic salon most suitable for you.


I joined newly in December.

A speciality store of shaved ice sheets of the new type like the powdery snow to make with popular milk in Korea. The moment it was put in the mouth, please try the new food texture which melts with SU by all means!


I joined newly in December.

The Japanese food pub where local food from Ehime-ken Uwajima was done mainly.


I joined newly in December.

I aim at store making it's easy to be fond of which.

A new Japanese confection is offered to our limitation goods "Kagurazaka hand drum month pancake stuffed with bean jam".


I new-affiliation-did in October. 

 A delicious thing is made. 


I new-affiliation-did in October. 

Sale of the company of cleaning at large besides a housecleaning and peace miscellaneous goods is carried out. 

A main occupation is a housecleaning. 

If it is cleaning, please consult about anything. 






I new-affiliation-did in June. 


The "buckwheat noodles" of the boast which uses the farming-without-agricultural-chemicals side by the contract farmhouse in Hokkaido. 

the "Sakura しゃぶ" of the prejudice which uses the horsemeat from Kumamoto which the owner repeated national [ Japan ] careful selection and found out -- please taste with relish right or wrong once.