WELCOME!! Kagurazaka 6-chome 

Disaster prevention festa  September 4 Sunday

A fire fighting hands-on corner is fun.

An event variety!

I'll participate with the family!

Kagurazaka mini concert Open.

Recent KOBO and Nippon Television Network for 3/21 days  ZIP! It's so and is it broadcast?

Fukui-ken Obama municipal Ohama second junior high school  Sales PR campaign

It's held in front of the FN building on Wednesday, March 16.

I'll also put Ohama's sale of local specialties by a junior high school student into effect this year.

I'm waiting for everybody's coming.

Fire prevention movement in spring            3/1~3/7  KOBO is exerting himself, too.

The design of the new year celebration party.

Mr. dandy of KOBO and KOBO.

August Event Guide

Updating information